7 tips for implementing virtual mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered the doors on most of our brick-and-mortar institutions, leading many universities to move many of their activities (international and otherwise) online. But shifting from the physical to the digital isn’t as simple as it sounds....

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Managing and resourcing a program of social integration initiatives for international university students: what are the benefits?

There has been much concern in the higher education sector recently about the well-being and the safety of slightly more than 200,000 international students studying in higher education in Australia. In recognition of the economic and socio-cultural value of...

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Academic and social integration of international and local students at five business schools, a cross-institutional comparison

An increasing number of students choose to study at a university in a foreign country. A common belief among educators is that international students are insufficiently academically adjusted. Recent research has found a mixed picture on whether international students...

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