Managing and resourcing a program of social integration initiatives for international university students: what are the benefits?

There has been much concern in the higher education sector recently about the well-being and the safety of slightly more than 200,000 international students studying in higher education in Australia. In recognition of the economic and socio-cultural value of...

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Academic and social integration of international and local students at five business schools, a cross-institutional comparison

An increasing number of students choose to study at a university in a foreign country. A common belief among educators is that international students are insufficiently academically adjusted. Recent research has found a mixed picture on whether international students...

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Investigating attitudes toward international students: Program and policy implications for social integration and international education

International education is a thriving industry, but relatively little is known about its consequences for the social integration of international scholars in educational institutions or the wider community. This article reviews research on attitudes toward international students as a...

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Understanding academic performance of international students: the role of ethnicity, academic and social integration

More than 3 million students study outside their home country, primarily at a Western university. A common belief among educators is that international students are insufficiently adjusted to higher education in their host country, both academically and socially. Furthermore,...

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