Students choosing to study part or all of their degree in a foreign country, require a great deal of information – both prior to their arrival, as well as during and after their stay.

  1. In this document, you will find the main categories of information available to incoming students, as delivered by the participating academic institutions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Proposed Outline of Protocols For International Students >>>  
  2. In the following document, you will find links to examples of how information for international students is presented and additional examples of protocols and guidelines for international students:

Part I, below, assembles the primary categories of essential information necessary for incoming students. Part II, provides links to the relevant information, as delivered by the participating academic institutions. Part III, presents a selection of guidelines and protocols offered by the participating institutions to incoming students.

Each academic institution is hereby invited to examine, which categories fit its operation best, and construct its information offerings accordingly.


PART I – A ‘Complete’ Incoming Students Toolkit Should Include:

General information about the country

  • Key facts about Israel
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Climate (Spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • Electricity, phones, internet
  • Time zone and calendar
  • Currency


Personal requirements/arrangements

  • Country regulations – passport, visa, driving license
  • Health/personal insurance
  • Travel information – flights to Israel, travel arrangements in Israel, arrival to the campus
  • Pre-arrival checklist



General information about the region

  • Where are we? A short history of the region
  • Everyday life
  • Transportation
  • Places to see
  • Things to do – cultural, shopping, restaurants, entertainment
  • Living arrangements and accommodation – apartment rentals & student dorms
  • Estimated cost of living
  • Emergency numbers


Academic life, academic information and regulation

  • Campuses – campus map, virtual tour
  • Academic calendar
  • International office
  • Faculties and academic units
  • Academic programs and curriculum
  • Key contact persons on campus
  • Tuition not often published on line
  • Policies and regulations
    • Academic culture and legal information
    • Sexual harassment policy
    • Counselling services
    • Disability services – learning disabilities, physical
    • Scholarships and grants
  • Grading system and evaluation method
  • Buddies
  • Student reviews and Alumni




PART II – Links to Participating Institutions Information Categories


  • General information about the country


(p. 1-2);; (under Private Life)




  • Information about the city


(p. 3); (under Activities in Beer-Sheva)


Masaryk: (under Directions and under Living in Brno)


  • Academic study programs


(minimal information at p. 10);


Masaryk: (under Calendar & Courses)




  • Admission Information, Funding and Visa


(minimal information on passports and visas at p. 5)


Masaryk: (under Apply Now)

MCI: (under My Studies)

Pula: (visa information); (nomination and application procedure)

  • Campus Life


(p. 7-8); (under University Life)


Masaryk: (under Masaryk University in Detail, and under IT Stuff)

Pula: (living expenses); (transportation)

  • Health, Safety and Disabilities

Masaryk: (under Health & Safety);

BGU:   (p. 6 and 12); (under Healthcare and Staying Safe)


  • Accommodation


(p. 9)


Masaryk: (under Accommodation and Catering)




  • Academic Information and Academic Standards:

BGU: (academic calendar)

HUJI: (under Academic Information)

Masaryk: (under Calendar and Courses)



  • Contact Details and Student Support


(p. 12)

HUJI: (faculty and staff directory)

Masaryk: (under Useful Contacts)



  • Alumni





  • FAQ

Masaryk: (under FAQ)


PART III – Sample of Institutions Protocols and Working Procedures

Pre-arrival guidelines for students

Working procedures and processes:

Pula mobility programs: WILLIAM\Pula presentation on Erasmus-programmes.pdf