IMPI-IL is a questionnaire developed by the partners in WILLIAM to help Israeli colleges and universities assess the extent to which they have in place a holistic infrastructure for Internationalization at Home (IaH).

This questionnaire is a shortened and revised version of the IMPI survey[1] on internationalization.

To construct IMPI-IL, the WILLIAM team reviewed the 500 indicators in IMPI that relate specifically to IaH at Home and selected those that are most relevant. The questionnaire was then piloted among the 7 Israeli institutions that are partners in WILLIAM. Based on feedback from partners and other stakeholders, a revised questionnaire with additional items was created to cater specifically to aspects that can be useful to developing a IaH campus wide strategy.


There are 7 categories of questions in this survey:

  • Internationalization at home – staff/faculty incentives & support
  • Strategy/Regulations/Structures
  • Quality assurance for Internationalization at Home
  • Internationalising Curriculum/classroom
  • Support of international students
  • Social Integration
  • Support of domestic students for IaH

Currently, we are still piloting this questionnaire. Hence, your feedback and thoughts for further development are welcome. Please send any suggestions and/or inquiries to


[1] The IMIP survey is a product of an EU funded Life Long Learning Programme for Internationalization (2009-2012). It is a toolbox to support institutions in defining indicators for measuring internationalisation for the purpose of self-assessment and bench-marking.


Link to Internationalization at home revised survey – IMPI IL >>