Goal of Survey:  

This survey seeks to assess and map in a systematic manner the interest, ability, and relevant experience of faculty to teach in English and play a role in the internationalization of the campus, across departments/schools. It should take no more than 5 minutes for faculty to complete.

Findings from the survey would be instrumental to developing a strategic plan attuned to the college’s current climate towards internationalization by providing insights into three critical areas:


1) Perceived Value in Internationalization Agenda (i.e. goal alignment)

To what extend do faculty members see an agenda of strengthening the global orientation of students, offering courses in English, and broader internationalization of the campus as important goals tied to the future employability and career success of their students?

Understanding the perceptions of faculty on these issues would help identify 1) departments that more internationally inclined and worth focusing particular attention on within a strategic plan for internationalization, and 2) the extent to which processes of internationalization with faculty may need to include increased investment in goal alignment to ensure the faculty is aware and supportive of the process (at least to a degree).


2) Faculty’s International Experience

Mapping of faculty’s education abroad, living/working abroad, international research partnerships, experience teaching in an institution abroad.

This information would be useful in determining which faculty members could teach in English and potential courses that could be offered for international and domestic students (a step necessary for developing a program to market to potential institutions abroad). Moreover, this information may offer some leads on connections to institutions for partnerships/student exchange agreements in the future.


3) Motivation/Ability to Teach in English

Beyond identification of faculty with international experience, this set of questions would provide insights more generally into the level of motivation and ability of faculty to teach in English and expectations of faculty for being part of this process.


Link to Internationalization Survey for Faculty – English version

Link to Internationalization Survey for Faculty – Hebrew version